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Lexington Chinese School Weekly Newsletter



Principal - Kuan-Chun Huang | principal@lcs-chinese.org

1. Next Sunday, May 27- Memorial Day Weekend Holiday - No school

2. LCS Annual Picnic:
Date/Time: 6/3/2018 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Place: Colt State Park, Route 114 Bristol, Rhode Island 02809

3. Taiwan OCAC Boston has a short-term Taiwan school enrolling opportunity for children age from 6 to 15 years old to study side by side with Taiwan students. Please use following link to see the application form and detail info (in Chinese).

4. School will open a sewing extracurricular class running from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in the next school year (2018-2019) and the minimal age requirement is 11 years old. Interested parents can sign your children up during the upcoming 2018-19 school enrollment. If you have made your choice and want to change, please contact registration director.

V-Principal - Jerry Chen | v_principal@lcs-chinese.org

There is no Chinese school next week and a week after is our annual picnic day! We all know you look forward to it and everyone please join us to have fun!

After studying the alternative picnic places such as Blue Hill or Auburndale Park, we came to a result that the Colt State Park, Rhode Isand is still the best place for our event this year. If you have never been there with us, you have to come and enjoy the spring of New England with us. If you have already been there with us before, we know you will still be there this year!

Director of Registration - Waipeng Lee | register@lcs-chinese.org

Online registration begins May 19 (Saturday), 2018.

Please note that re-submitting your registration will change your registration number and date/time stamp. If you are unsure of the implications, please check with register@lcs-Chinese.org before you resubmit. (However, amending your family profile, e.g., names, address, telephone etc., will not affect your registration order.)

The school policy is such that tuition and parent-duty deposit (if applicable) have to be submitted within 2 weeks or registration is deemed incomplete. Please note the following dates for dropping off your checks in school:

5/19 – Registration begins

5/20 – Check collection at school

5/27 – No school

6/3 – No school

6/10 – Check collection at school

6/17 – Last day of school; check collection at school

You may also mail your check(s) to the address provided below the date-time stamp on your online registration receipt.

Director of Teaching - Yue Long | teaching@lcs-chinese.org

1. If you are interested in applying for Ms. Fan’s scholarship, please go to find out the details at LCS website, fill out the forms and submit to the Director of Teaching, together with all required supplemental documents before the deadline on 5/20/2018.

Director of Kindergarten - Christine Yu | kindergarten@lcs-chinese.org

1. Saturday 5/19 9:00am Registration opens.

2. 5/27 no school

3. 6/3 no school. Picnic day.

4. 6/17 Closing ceremony.

Snack This Week: Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams
Ingredients: unbleached enriched flour, riboflavin, graham flour, sugar, soybean oil, honey, leavening, salt, soy lecithin, artificial flavor.

Director of Bilingual Program - Yu-Ping Wang | bilingual@lcs-chinese.org

1. Online Registration : 5/19 at 9am. Spaces in Bilingual program are limited. Please start early.

2. Congratulations to Caitlin Lain, the winner of Principal Lily Peng's scholarship.

Director of Extracurricular Activity Program - Jou-Ku Chung | activity@lcs-chinese.org

For ECA parents, there will be NO fencing class this week.
Thank you,

Director of Library - Bobby Lu | library@lcs-chinese.org

Summer borrowing begins on 5/20. If you plan to borrow books, DVDs or CDs for the summer, please bring your checkbook with you to the library.
Please Return all previous check out materials before 6/10.

Summer checkout policy:
1. You have to return all checkout items borrowed during this school year first.
2. Up to six items (including books, CDs or DVDs) may be checked out per library card with a check of $200 for deposit.
3. All items are due back by the second week of school in September. Your deposit check will be forfeited if borrowed items are not returned by then.

If your borrowed item is damaged or lost, you are responsible to pay the original price of the item.

Parent Representative | pr@lcs-chinese.org

1. Every year, Parent Representatives offer the scholarship for LCS students who achieve 750 points or more on their SAT II Chinese Test. We encourage all students who qualified to apply for this scholarship by clicking on the link: SAT II Chinese Test Application. The application deadline is May 31st.

2. 肉粽 (Zongzi, frozen) pick up will be on 5/20 at the cafeteria. Thanks!

Executive Secretary - Hui-Chuan Chen | secretary@lcs-chinese.org

Please refer to the parent duty list in the newsletter. If you are not sure of your parent duty date, please ask the Executive Secretary. On your parent duty day, please report to the Executive Secretary in the cafeteria by 1:55 to get your assignment in order to facilitate arranging duties. If a conflict arises and you are unable to report for duty, please call at least three days in advance so that we can change your duty date. If you do not report for duty without making prior arrangements, you will forfeit your parent duty deposit. Thank you for your cooperation.

5/20/2018 Parent Duty List
Michael ChongWendy Chong
Jian Yu HuangJi Yu Huang
Giang LamGloria Yeh
Gilbert LimPauline Chan
Scott StewartMing-Yi Lin
Lachlan PattersonDiana Patterson
Bahman Tavassoli HojatiLiping Cheng
CC YuanYu-Hui Chen
Arthur TsweiLilin Tan
Diego LiianesKatarina Illanes
Nicholas CarsonCarol Chow
Teng Chao TaoTheresa Tao
Steve HarrisPat Harris
Davis CaubleDiane Cauble
6/10/2018 Parent Duty List
Scott EdmistonSharon Edmiston
Hsienwen HsuYufen Chang
Chun Tai HuiYing Chen Chang
Jack LeeKaori Honda
Harvard PanCindy Liu
Allan TambioJennine Tambio
Hong-Ren WangChingyin Hong
Jonathan WangAngelina Peh
Stanley WangMelissa Yang
Gwangseong KimEun Jung Kim
Chien LeeJane Yu
Joseph LoucaNancy Louca
Jerry SweeSandra Swee
Giuliano AmantiniNancy Sun

If your address or phone number has changed, please contact Waipeng Lee, the Director of Registration by email at register@lcs-chinese.org

Webmaster - James Lin | webmaster@lcs-chinese.org

Please continue to shop online at Amazon through the LCS website. Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS. Every single purchase counts regardless the price.

There are two ways you can help LCS to raise funds when you shop online at Amazon.

1. Amazon Smile
Logon to your Amazon account at https://smile.amazon.com/, choose Lexington Chinese School as your support organization. This is one time registration. Amazon Smile will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS every time when you make a purchase from your Amazon account.

2. Amazon Advertising
Go to LCS website http://www.lcs-chinese.org/ first, enter search item from the Amazon logo on the LCS website. A new window will open and you will be forwarded to Amazon website. When you make a purchase of that item within 24-hour, Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS.

Please contact webmaster@lcs-chinese.org if you have any question. Thank you for supporting LCS.

Community News

【2018 年波士頓地區青年志工團自即日起開始受理報名】

2018 年波士頓地區青年志工會議將於 5 月 25 日下午 5 點在波士頓僑教 中心舉辦,歡迎 14 歲以上青少年踴躍報名參加。


訓後學員即具有加入「海外青年文化大使協會」(Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors,簡稱 FASCA)資格 並可參與僑委會所提供之多元學習機會。當學員服務時數累積超過 100 小時,更可申請「美國總統志工服務獎」(The President's Volunteer Service Award),讓學員在申請大學時更具競爭優勢。

歡迎 14 歲以上之華裔青少年報名參加,若有任何問題,可於上班時間 (週二至週五上午 10 時至下午 6 時)電洽波士頓僑教中心陳小姐,電 話:(617) 965-8801。

按這裹看 報名表

Lexington Chinese School Picnic
Sunday 6/3/2018, 10am-3pm

Host : 勒星頓中文學校 Lexington Chinese School
Time : Sunday, 6/3/2018, 10am - 3pm
Place: 羅德島小牛公園 Colt State Park Rhode Island
Address:Route 114, Bristol, Rhode Island, 02809

At the entrance, drive to the end of the road, and then take a left. Drive along the coast for about 1 mile; look for the Lexington Chinese School banner on your right.

What to bring: Bring your favorite food, drinks, and fruits, anything that you like. You can also host a big BBQ party there. Don’t forget your camera, bikes, sunscreen, water bucket and small toys. The school will provide watermelons and lots of fun games and prizes!


Any question, please contact Jo-ey Wong at 617-817-0533
若有疑問,請洽明年度的副校長 翁卓毅 at 617-817-0533

Hope to see you all there!!

(If cancelled, a notification will be posted on http://www.lcs-chinese.org)

Lexington Chinese School does not discriminate
based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status,
veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected group.
Comments to: webmaster@lcs-chinese.org