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Principal - Ying-Chieh Chen (Jerry) | principal@lcs-chinese.org

Next Monday will be the Mid-Autumn Festival Traditionally, it is a day for family to get together and celebrate the harvesting season under the full moon. In Taiwan, family members/ friends usually have a outdoor BBQ party to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the moon-cake. For those who has family members far away, we can celebrate together in LCS!

This week, we will have Director of OCAC in LCS for celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with us and OCAC will bring a on site registration for special travel VIP card to Taiwan. Please have your US passport or PR card ready if you would like to apply for one of the Taiwan travel VIP card.

We will also have our annual fire drill this week. Please follow the instructions of School Staff and evacuate the school as soon as possible to open space.

The most important social event of the year, the ski trip, will be opened for registration this week. It is guaranteed fun for everyone and will be the lifetime experience of you and your kids. For more detail information, please inquire at the ski registration desk.

We really appreciate the Town of Belmont lease us the Belmont High School as our school. Please follow the rules that generally applied to any public school, thanks.

V-Principal - Jo-ey Wong | v_principal@lcs-chinese.org

Notes on Use of BHS Facilities
An incident was reported during our school hours last Sunday (9/16). In one boy’s bathroom, someone removed all urinal screens and placed them inside vanity sinks. This likely is a prank but the intention of such act is not fully understood.

I would like to remind to all LCS staff, teachers, parents, and students that it is our responsibility to keep Belmont High School clean and orderly during our rental use. Items in the classrooms, library, bathrooms, gyms, and any BHS facilities, are not to be altered. If you see something out of order or seems wrong, please report to any staff in the office (Rm 146). Thank you!

Fire Drill
Belmont Fire Department will come by BHS and conduct a fire drill.
Date: 9/23/2018 (Sunday)
Time: During school hours 2pm-4pm

Let’s work together and pass this drill on first try!

Adult Activity Programs
2018-19 LCS Adult Activity Programs start on 9/16/2018. Interested parents are to contact the coordinator for each program directly.

LCS Adult Activity Registration Form / LCS Adult Activity Programs

Director of Teaching - Yue Long | teaching@lcs-chinese.org

Last year we had a great result of the evaluation from Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu, SC-TOP. This year we would join the evaluation again. If you are interested in the evaluation.
Test Date : 10/28/2018
Location : LCS

It is mandatory to take this test for all students from G3, G5, G7, G9 and bilingual classes (B4), and no need to pay registration fee; However, the students from other grades need to pay the registration fee.

Registration fee (Please paid to: LCS)
CCCC: $20 / per person
SCTOP: $30 / per person

Due Date for registration: 09/23/2018

華測(SC-TOP): http://www.sc-top.org.tw/
兒測(CCCC): http://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/

Director of Kindergarten - Christine Yu | kindergarten@lcs-chinese.org

1. There will be a fire drill this Sunday. Teachers and assistants will lead students to the tennis courts. Parents please follow the same evacuation route to the tennis courts too. We ask everybody to leave the school building. Thank you.

Snack this weekNatural Animal Crackers
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Invert Syrup, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Baking Soda (Leavening), Soy Lecithin (anEmulsifier), Natural Flavor, Spices (Nutmeg and Mace).

Director of Bilingual Program - Huey S. Chan | bilingual@lcs-chinese.org

There will be a fire drill this Sunday, 9/23, between 2 and 4pm. When the emergency announcement comes on, all teachers and their teaching assistants will direct students to exit the school building via the closest door, and congregate at the tennis courts. We ask everyone to leave the school building and follow instructions from staff, teachers, and drill leaders. Failure to do so will result in the school not meeting the requirements imposed by the Fire Department.

The 2018 language evaluation test for Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) will be held on 10/28/2108 at the school.
B4 Students will be taking test at the “Sprouting Level” 《兒測萌牙期》this year. Parents are asked to work with your teacher to confirm and complete the registration process for the test.
More information about the CCCC:

Director of Extracurricular Activity Program - Jou-Ku Chung | activity@lcs-chinese.org

Please note that there is no folk dance class this week.
And note the Chinese painting classroom change to 124B.

Parent Representative | pr@lcs-chinese.org

Sweet and juicy Asian Pears Sale this Sunday!! Fresh and direct come from the farm. Please visit our table for purchase.

Executive Secretary - Liping Cheng | secretary@lcs-chinese.org

Your past support has helped us to promote the Chinese language and culture for our kids. The school is going to publish the directory in November 2018. If you are interested in advertising in Lexington Chinese School Directory, please contact me. The deadline is October 30, 2018. Thank you for your generous support.

Please refer to the parent duty list in the newsletter. If you are not sure of your parent duty date, please ask the Executive Secretary. On your parent duty day, please report to the Executive Secretary in the cafeteria by 1:55 to get your assignment in order to facilitate arranging duties. If a conflict arises and you are unable to report for duty, please call at least three days in advance so that we can change your duty date. If you do not report for duty without making prior arrangements, you will forfeit your parent duty deposit. Thank you for your cooperation.

9/23/2018, 9/30/2018 Parent Duty List
James BuswellCarol Ou
Terrence ChenJo Sun
John DiuneDenise Chow
Xun DoanLinh Giang
Patrick DingleYu-Ting Dingle
Nicholas DiehlStacey Diehl
Gwangseong KimEun Jung Kim
Gilbert LimPauline Chan
Ming-Yi LinScott Stewart
Lachlan PattersonDiana Patterson
Arthur TsweiLilin Tan
Nigel TurnerPhoebe Turner
Allan TambioJennine Tambio
Jerry SweeSandra Swee
Jonathan WangAngelina Peh
Shu-Pei WuSzu-Yuan Chen

If your address or phone number has changed, please contact Waipeng Lee, the Director of Registration by email at register@lcs-chinese.org

Webmaster - James Lin | webmaster@lcs-chinese.org

Please continue to shop online at Amazon through the LCS website. Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS. Every single purchase counts regardless the price.

There are two ways you can help LCS to raise funds when you shop online at Amazon.

1. Amazon Smile
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Please contact webmaster@lcs-chinese.org if you have any question. Thank you for supporting LCS.

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