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Lexington Chinese School Weekly Newsletter



Principal - Ying-Chieh Chen (Jerry) | principal@lcs-chinese.org

Next Sunday, May 26- Memorial Day Weekend Holiday - No school.

Many thanks to the Vice Principal Joey Wong for a very joyful Mother's Day event. A special thanks to the Director of Boston OCAC of Taiwan, Mr. Ou, who joined us in celebration.

We, the Lexington Chinese School, are always supportive to our community. This year, we co-hosting a meaningful event to bring 6 documentaries of Taiwan to the Boston area (all with English Subtitle). We believed this is a great opportunities for our kids to know their parents' motherland (majority of our kids' parents are immigrants from Taiwan). We also hope, through these movies, to inspire our kids more into Chinese learning. Limited numbers of group discount tickets will be available to LCS families in the LCS hallway booth. For more information https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org/

Please join our FB group, Lexington Chinese School Ma

Exciting news!! LCS is the co-host organization for Taiwan Film Festival. Special discount for LCS families; $20 for ONE DAY PASS and $35 for TWO DAYS PASS. This will only be sold at booth on Sun - limited quantity.

English Newsletter: Taiwan Cinema http://tiny.cc/5xs55y

Web https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org/

Phone: Lisa 617-331-1482

V-Principal - Jo-ey Wong | v_principal@lcs-chinese.org

LCS Annual Picnic
Yes, it’s almost BBQ time. LCS invites all families to go out together for food, for friends, and most importantly, for fun! Volunteers are needed, like all LCS events, so please fill out the volunteer sign-up sheet, and make all empty fields disappear. If not all slots are filled, we might have to assign YOUR names to specific tasks. Come one, come all, and let us know what food/items you plan to bring. Special thanks to our event manager, Poyu Chen, who is this year’s Class 1B Language teacher, and next year’s vice principal, for organizing this outing!

Date: June 2, 2019 (Sunday)
Address: Blue Hill River Road, MA Milton.
Official Website: https://www.mass.gov/locations/houghtons-pond-recreation-area
Site Map 1: https://tinyurl.com/y3cm74cd
Site Map 2: https://tinyurl.com/y4w2xxfk
Event time: 10:00am ~ 4:30pm

This is the first time we going to Blue Hills for our school picnic, along with some changes worth noting. To get more group interaction and wider engagement among families, we will have designated volunteers as chefs, table managers, etc. and thus are calling for all your help.

Here’s a sign-up form for event volunteers . Please fill in your name, contact info, and Line ID (if available):https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GcbXMwn7yRbBm8dm-gkxkN4anS0h6s1ijouPFinR-rA/edit?usp=sharing

Please also fill out food/picnic items that you will bring https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sha2HKSoDHp_BwIdhYAyaWkf2-ORQCM57-vwFf9arZo/edit?usp=sharing

2019-20 TA Application is Open
Please fill out the form (Link to LCS TA Application form), or go to LCS website, click on “Info & Forms” in the header bar, and you should find the link to TA application form. TA is an integral part of LCS, which is 100% run by community volunteers. It is also a great opportunity to foster leadership, responsibility, commitment and sense of belonging for teenagers. Do encourage your high-schoolers to apply for LCS TA. It will be a fruitful experience!

Last week’s Mother’s Day Program
A BIG thank-you goes to all Mother’s Day event helpers. Particularly Margaret Kuo, for hosting the program and the astonishing decoration that turned BHS cafeteria into a ballroom; Eric Wang for A/V technical support and DJ’ing; Bobby Lu, Chi-Wang Lin, and Kuan-Chun Huang whose bulging biceps made moving heavy tables a breeze; all the jaw-dropping performance from LCS parents transforming the event into a “LCS got talent”; and those parents offering help but I forgot to ask your name. Shame on me. Again, thank you all and hope you enjoyed our mother’s day program.

Director of Registration - Waipeng Lee | register@lcs-chinese.org

Registration for 2019-2020

• Prior to registration -- log on to your online registration account, check that names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses are accurate
• 5/18 – Registration is open to all (make sure you hit the “submit” button, and receive a date-time stamp and registration number)
• 5/19 – Tuition and parent duty checks collection at school
• 5/26 – No school
• 6/2 – No school
• 6/9 – Tuition and parent duty checks collection at school
• 6/16 (last day of school) – Tuition and parent duty checks collection at school

You may also mail your check(s) to the address provided below the date-time stamp on your online registration receipt.

Director of Teaching - Yue Long | teaching@lcs-chinese.org

1. The students from G1-8 will get the summer homework this coming Sunday. Please check with your child if they get the summer homework from the teachers. If the summer homework has been lost later, the school would not give the homework for free. It would be charged $5 for coping another one.

Director of Kindergarten - Christine Yu | kindergarten@lcs-chinese.org

1. Saturday 5/18 9:00am Registration opens.

2. 5/26 no school

3. 6/2 no school. Picnic day.

4. 6/16 Closing ceremony.

Snack this weekKeebler original club crackers
Ingredients : Enriched flour, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, soybean oil with tbhq for freshness, sugar, salt leavening, high fructose, corn syrup, corn syrup, cornstarch, soy lecithin.

Director of Bilingual Program - Huey S. Chan | bilingual@lcs-chinese.org

May 18 Saturday 9:00am - Online Registration for 2019-2020 begins. http://lcs-chinese.org/LCS_Admissions.htm

Please note that returning students have priority over new students in class placement up until June 15 only. We expect several bilingual classes will reach their maximum capacity next school year , therefore returning students are encouraged to register and make tuition payment before June 15 to secure your spots. When a class reaches its capacity, we are not able to admit any more students, returning students included.

May 26 - Memorial Day Weekend. No School.

June 2 - Belmont High School’s Graduation. No School, LCS Annual Picnic Day.

June 16 – Last Day of School - 2018-2019 Closing Ceremony

Director of Library - Bobby Lu | library@lcs-chinese.org

All items borrowed from library are due on May 19th. Please return immediately.

Summer is coming. Welcome to borrow all kind of books, comic and DVD from library.
Rules for summer term:
* beginning June 9th
* Total 6 items, including books, and dvd
* Return on first week of Fall semester.

Parent Representative | pr@lcs-chinese.org

1. Please pick up your zongzi order in cafeteria this Sunday. We will also have frozen zongzi for sale. Thank you parents for all your support.

2. Every year, Parent Representatives offer the scholarship for LCS students who achieve 750 points or more on their SAT II Chinese Test. We encourage all students who qualified to apply for this scholarship by clicking on the link: SAT II Chinese Test Application. The application deadline is May 31st.

Executive Secretary - Liping Cheng | secretary@lcs-chinese.org

On your parent duty day, please report to the Executive Secretary in the cafeteria by 1:55 to get your assignment in order to facilitate arranging duties.

Please note, for the parents who plan to do the parent duty next year, you will have two options when you register. You can choose either both parents do the parent duty on one Sunday, or one parent does the parent duty on two consecutive Sundays. I am hoping those options can make things easier for everybody -- so we might have less parents who need to switch their parent duty dates. Please plan ahead for your choice.

5/19/2019 Parent Duty List
Joseph BlitzsteinLei Poo
Kenny ChenYing Chen
Brendan ConnorsJenny Chen
Bow-Nan ChengAlice Cheng
Dev GoyalStephanie Chang
Chun Yu HouMei Chun Wu
Paul MatthewsRose Matthews
Matthew McgannTina Shih
Jeffrey MoffittJulie Su
Nicholas MarcantonioDiana Marcantonio
Rith PeouDiane Yan
6/9/2019 Parent Duty List
John LohavichanChristine Liu
Chi-Wang LinHsiao-Lan Lin
Joanne LeeMorgan Jassen
Eric LinRuth Ann Day
Andy LeeStephanie Lee
Alan TamSue Rong Tsai
Wenxuan TENGNing TAN
Chris (Shun Yu) TengKiyomi Hishinuma
Jui-Cheng TaiChien-Fang Huang
Goodspeed YangJessica Wang
Wei ZhangShi-May Wei
Justin Wonjihyun Won
Webmaster - James Lin | webmaster@lcs-chinese.org

Please continue to shop online at Amazon through the LCS website. Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS. Every single purchase counts regardless the price.

There are two ways you can help LCS to raise funds when you shop online at Amazon.

1. Amazon Smile
Logon to your Amazon account at https://smile.amazon.com/, choose Lexington Chinese School as your support organization. This is one time registration. Amazon Smile will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS every time when you make a purchase from your Amazon account.

2. Amazon Advertising
Go to LCS website http://www.lcs-chinese.org/ first, enter search item from the Amazon logo on the LCS website. A new window will open and you will be forwarded to Amazon website. When you make a purchase of that item within 24-hour, Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS.

Please contact webmaster@lcs-chinese.org if you have any question. Thank you for supporting LCS.

Community News

Community Info

Good evening,

We hope you are doing well! With only weeks left before our grand opening, we are excited for Mariposa to take stage. Early bird tickets are going fast, you may find ticket options by clicking here. At this time we welcome you to consider advertising your organization or business with CJT Dream Dance. Ads will appear on the following media: program, projector, lobby TV, website, social media, performance video, and more. We would be honored to corporate with you and answer any questions you may have regarding the advertisements as well as pricing. Don't forget, by purchasing AD space, you automatically get Mariposa event tickets (excluding the projector space) - so this could be a double save for you.

Lexington Chinese School does not discriminate
based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status,
veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected group.
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