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Current Issue Lexington Chinese School Weekly Newsletter

Lexington Chinese School Weekly Newsletter



Principal - Jo-ey Wong | principal@lcs-chinese.org

1. Thank-you to parents, parent representatives, and LCS staff for a productive and informational parent meeting. A big shout-out to some TAs, students, and volunteers (Shih-Yi Chen, Jerry Chen) for organizing and delivering textbooks to classrooms.

2. A couple of requests from BHS, i.e. our landlord— (A) desks and chairs in the hallway are not to be moved, (B) keep clean and return tables and chairs in cafeteria where you first see them. Let’s keep items in the classrooms and library where they are.

3. A friendly reminder that food or drinks are allowed only in cafeteria, not in classrooms nor library. BHS does not expect to see food-/drink-related wastes in the trash bins of classrooms or library.

4. Be on time to pick up your kids after class or activities. I may be wrong but your kids might rather be with you than with a staff member after school.

5. We will have an Information Session for bilingual class parents (in English) this Sunday (9/15/2019) at 2:30pm in Little Theater. Bring your questions and we will do our best answering them.

V-Principal - Poyu Chen | v_principal@lcs-chinese.org

Fire Drill

Belmont Fire Department will come by BHS and conduct a fire drill.
Date: 9/22/2019 (Sunday)
Time: During school hours 2pm~4pm

Parents must read "Emergency Evacuation" for LCS Parents letter Parents must send email to their kids' teacher to confirm that they read and understand the policy.

Adult Activity Programs

2019-20 LCS Adult Activity Programs start on 9/22/2018. Interested parents are to contact the coordinator for each program directly.

Director of Registration - Waipeng Lee | register@lcs-chinese.org

We will be available to help you with registration and class assignment related matters on the 1:30-4 p.m. Many of our classes have reached maximum capacity. If you know of anyone who wishes to join our school, please ask them to contact register@lcs-Chinese.org to inquire about class availability before registering or sending in tuition checks.

Extracurricular activities begins this Sunday. If you are interested in adding an extracurricular activity for your child, please refer to the school website for more details, including minimum age requirement and availability (Extracurricular Activity Classes), and contact Registration directly (register@lcs-chinese.org).

Please note that after September 15, there will be no refund for withdrawal from language classes or extracurricular activities. Class transfers/changes should be completed no later than September 29.

Director of Teaching - Yue Long | teaching@lcs-chinese.org

Last year we had a great result of the evaluation from Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu, SC-TOP. This year we would join the evaluation again. If you are interested in the evaluation.
Test Date : 10/27/2019
Location : LCS

It is mandatory to take this test for all students from G3, G5, G7, G9 and bilingual classes (B4 & B6), and no need to pay registration fee; However, the students from other grades need to pay the registration fee.

Registration fee (Please paid to: LCS)
CCCC: $30 / per person
SCTOP: $40 / per person

Due Date for registration: 09/22/2019

華測(SC-TOP): http://www.sc-top.org.tw/
兒測(CCCC): http://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/

Director of Kindergarten - Christine Yu | kindergarten@lcs-chinese.org

Please bring your children into the classroom on time. If the teacher and the teaching assistant have not arrived yet, please do not leave the children alone in the classroom. Also, parents are requested to pick up the children outside the classroom on time. If it pass 4:05, the teacher will take student to Room 146 to wait. Thank you for your cooperation.

Snack this weekKeebler original club crackers
Ingredients: Enriched flour, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, soybean oil with tbhq for freshness, sugar ,salt leavening, high fructose, corn syrup, corn syrup, cornstarch, soy lecithin.

Director of Bilingual Program - Huey S. Chan | bilingual@lcs-chinese.org

1. Bilingual Parent Information Session will be held this Sunday, 9/15, from 2:30-3:30pm in Little Theater. Please plan to attend this meeing. We will discuss our plans and activities in the Bilingual Program for this school year. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions!

2. On October 27, B4 students will participate in the evaluation test (at level 1, the sprouting level), for the Children's Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) while B6 students (who are 12 years old) will take the CCCC test at the seedling level (or level 2). B6 students above 12 years old will participate in the TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreing Language), at entry level.

Registration for the tests is due on 9/22. Please submit all the registration materials to your class teacher. If you have any questions regarding the tests, please reach out to your class teacher or the director of bilingual program.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit the websites for more information:
華測(TOFCL): http://www.sc-top.org.tw/
兒測(CCCC): http://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/

3. Gentle reminder: Language classes run from 2 to 4pm. We ask all parents be on time picking up your child after class. We greatly appreciate your understanding and coorperation!

4. Bilingual classroom changes: B5 - Room 124B; B6 - Room 125

Director of Extracurricular Activity Program - Chi-Wang Lin | activity@lcs-chinese.org

Welcome back to school, everyone! As we have kicked off the new semester, the first class of all Extracurricular Activities will be on this coming Sunday. Except the Table Tennis and Folk Dance (1-2 pm), all other classes will talk place 4-5 pm. Please refer to the following table for the info of instructors and classrooms. See you on Sunday!

CafeteriaFencing西洋劍Greg Berger
CafeteriaChinese Yo-Yo扯鈴Eric Wang 王志強
Cafeteria (1-2 pm)Table Tennis桌球Jerry Chen 陳盈杰
CafeteriaTable Tennis桌球Jerry Chen 陳盈杰
105Comic Drawing漫畫班Shang-Chien Wung 翁上千
107Origami Art摺紙藝術Sophia Ng
108Lego Club親子樂高積木Bill Solari
112Percussion基礎節奏擊樂班Chi-Sun Chan 陳志新
113Junior Painting幼兒親子繪畫Elisa Ng
124BChinese Painting國畫Ying Chu 儲英
131Beginning Painting初級繪畫Emily Chao 趙育明
132Erhu二胡Zhan-Tao Lin 林戰濤
135Abacus珠/心算Melissa Chow 周艾狄
137Keyboard for Beginners基礎鍵盤Louise Lee 李曉芬
2nd floor hallwayMartial Arts武術Kevin Chan
Little Theater (1-2 pm)Folk Dance民俗舞蹈Mia Tsai 蔡君柔
Director of Library - Bobby Lu | library@lcs-chinese.org

LCS has a library with plenty of books and materials to help kids building Chinese learning environment. If a family does not have a account yet, welcome to stop by and apply.

Parent Representative | pr@lcs-chinese.org

1. The Bilingual Parent Meeting will be held in the Little Theater at 2:30 pm this Sunday (9/15). Our staff and PRs will introduce the plans of our school for 2019-2020 during the meeting. Please join us.

2. Both of our bakery and candy shop will be open this Sunday. Thanks!

3. We start accepting Formosa Food pre-order orders this Sunday. Pick up will be on 10/6 at the Cafeteria. Orders must be pre-paid by cash or check. Thank you for your continued support!

Executive Secretary - Hsin-Pei Shih | secretary@lcs-chinese.org

Please note that secretary will not change the scheduled duty dates due to personal reasons. If you cannot fulfill you parent duty on your scheduled dates, please work with other parents to exchange.

On your parent duty day, please report to the Executive Secretary in the cafeteria by 1:55pm to get your assignment in order to facilitate arranging duties.

If your family signed up for single week parent duty, both parents need to undertake the duties. If your family signed up for bi-weekly duty schedule, only one of the parents needs to do the parent duty in each week.

9/15/2019 Parent Duty List
Johnny ChouLoretta Hsu
Jeff KwanThu Kwan
Joshua MullerChiu-Ting Wang
Dev GoyalStephanie Chang
Sio Tak SunWan-Yan Chen
Ronald DorenbosYali Wang
Jesse LugusMichelle Lugus
Dara ThachElizabeth Thach
9/22/2019 Parent Duty List
Sio Tak SunWan-Yan Chen
Dara ThachElizabeth Thach
William HungIsabel Hung
Sean AnderssonVictoria Hom
Hayden ChiuValerie Lin
Cheng-Chiang WuAshley Tan
Frank ChiangRebecca Quan
Jesse HuangAngelica Shih
James BuswellCarol Ou

If your address or phone number has changed, please contact Waipeng Lee, the Director of Registration by email at register@lcs-chinese.org

Webmaster - James Lin | webmaster@lcs-chinese.org

Please continue to shop online at Amazon through the LCS website. Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS. Every single purchase counts regardless the price.

There are two ways you can help LCS to raise funds when you shop online at Amazon.

1. Amazon Smile
Logon to your Amazon account at https://smile.amazon.com/, choose Lexington Chinese School as your support organization. This is one time registration. Amazon Smile will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS every time when you make a purchase from your Amazon account.

2. Amazon Advertising
Go to LCS website http://www.lcs-chinese.org/ first, enter search item from the Amazon logo on the LCS website. A new window will open and you will be forwarded to Amazon website. When you make a purchase of that item within 24-hour, Amazon will donate a portion of the total sales to LCS.

Please contact webmaster@lcs-chinese.org if you have any question. Thank you for supporting LCS.

Community News

Zumba Fitness (Adult Class)

Zumba (2:30-3:30)starts next week 9/15! Zumba is a fun and effective workout, join the party! 9/15 is open house, everyone is welcome to try it out!! Please RSVP Lulu.M.Tsai@gmail.com

There is also another opportunity to Zumba at LCS from 4:10-4:55. Free to all LCS teachers and staff! This class will start in October. Please RSVP via Lulu.M.Tsai@gmail.com

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based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status,
veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected group.
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